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While many people are used to dealing with an estate agent or realtor, the concept of a buyer’s agent is very different, and one which can be far more beneficial to buyers.

Everyone knows there can be a lot of stress involved in buying a property, particularly one in another country. Whether you’re looking for a holiday home on the beach, relocating or making an investment, there’s always a lot to consider, and using a buyer’s agent in Portugal can make the process a lot simpler.

How much

does it cost?

We represent our investors

free of charge.

As buyer representatives,

our commission amounts

to approximately 2.5%

of the property selling price,

paid by the seller.

Gold Leaf

What’s the difference between a realtor and a buyer’s agent?

Whereas a traditional realtor works only for the seller, a property buyer’s agent is an independent specialist who handles everything related to your purchase, from start to finish. A buyer’s agent (or buying agent in the UK) can help take all the stress out of buying property in Portugal and make sure that the buyer always gets the best deal.

The role of a buyer’s agent isn’t just about finding the right price, but also the right property that fits the requirements of the buyer. A buyer’s agent in Portugal will also provide much-needed support during the transaction process, liaising with lawyers and service providers for the buyer’s convenience and peace of mind.

Why do you need a buyer’s agent in Portugal?

There are many advantages to using a buyer’s agent in Portugal, not least because the Portuguese real estate market and legal processes can be incredibly difficult to navigate, especially when you don’t speak the language and are unfamiliar with the country.

It’s difficult to find the right information

Buying a property in another country always requires a leap of faith. However, you may find it difficult to get the right information about buying a property. While you may find a lot of content online about buying property in Portugal, a lot of it is incorrect or out of date. Ultimately nothing can beat the advice of an expert who fully understands your requirements and has your best interests in mind.


It is also worth noting that some premium luxury properties are not available online, and working with a buyer’s agent can give you access to more opportunities.

You might make avoidable mistakes

If you don’t know much about Portugal, you could end up buying a property in the wrong area, or in an area that is unsuitable for you. You might also find yourself underestimating the amount of restoration work that a property requires, or end up buying a house which is not exactly what you were looking for.

It's good to be connected to the right legal and financial support

There are many legal requirements in purchasing property in Portugal that you are probably not aware of.

The benefit of enlisting the help of a buyer’s agent in Portugal is that they know the processes, and they know what to look out for.

The targeted property might still have a debt attached to it. You might want to consult some banks about a loan. You might need to think further about property management, short / long term rental best practice and regulations, accountancy advice.

The right buyer's agent should be able to advise you about such topics, or appoint the right person for you to talk to.

What can a buyer’s agent do for you?

* conduct your search for you

* contact sellers and agencies

* organise visits, even if you're abroad, via video

* connect you with the right legal advisor

* connect you banks and all connecting services (accountant, architect etc.)

* will always look out for your benefit

* will negotiate for you

* will save you time and money.

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