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This noble development is located at the MAJESTIC AVENIDA LIBERDADE, the most prestigious boulevard in Lisbon, known by millions of tourists in search for designer brands and high-end shops.


This 2-bedroom 3-bath home, beautifully blending classic and modern, can be a dream home to someone who wishes to live in the most elegant part of the city - in a high-end condominium.

The property was developed by one of the most successful developers in Lisbon, Stone Capital.

Complete demolition of building, retaining the façade and creating 19 apartments divided across 7 floors, with areas ranging from100 to 300 m2.


The grand living room offers views of the elegant Avenida da Liberdade, the two spacious rooms of the picturesque Praça da Alegria. Marble bathrooms and luxurious kitchen - featuring top quality finishings and equipment. Every detail has been carefully thought and designed with your comfort in mind.


142 sqm


2 en-suites

3 bathrooms


Avenida Liberdade 71.



Screen Shot 2019-11-17 at 13.08.53.png

Meet the sky at the rooftop

Liberdade 71 has reinvented itself in a timeless manner

Well above the green river of trees down in Avenida da Liberdade,

relax by the open-air swimming pool with a magnificient view overlooking the city and its castle.


The rooftop with the best light in Lisbon is now your own.

Bringing aesthetics and function together, Liberdade 71’s finishes have been selected with your comfort in mind. From oak wood floors to marble kitchen counters, a selection of natural materials guarantees both durability and well-being.


Lisbon’s light penetrates the space, revealing harmonious contrasts incorporating tradition and modernity, in the perfect setting to immerse into the skies of Lisbon.

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